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Let's Capture Your Loved One's Memories Before It's Too Late. 

At A Talk to Remember, our foremost goal is to inspire and guide people in passing on the stories they want others to remember. In addition to capturing family histories, we parter with wealth management firms and non-profit organizations to preserve their legacy stories. 

A Taste of Our Projects

A Talk to Remember

A Talk to Remember

A Talk to Remember
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A Family Man

A Family Man

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Lasting Love

Lasting Love

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Brothers Serving Families

Brothers Serving Families

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My Dad, My Friend

My Dad, My Friend

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Our Process

Let Us Do the Work

Many families set out to interview a relative only to find that life gets in the way and creating a life history project is far more complex than anticipated. Let us transform an overwhelming experience into a rewarding one that results in a treasured family heirloom for years to come.

At A Talk to Remember, we manage your legacy project from start to finish.

family goals, family story


We Set the


In a conversation that very much resembles sitting down with a family member who is curious about your life, we explore your goals and begin to map out your core stories to prioritize in your legacy project.  

Family Photos, memorabilia, digitize, home videos, keepsakes


We Showcase Your Memorabilia

The stacks of scrambled photo albums...the piles of dusty home videos...the boxes of buried letters and mementos... 


We can help. Simply identify your most meaningful keepsakes. Then, sit back and relax as we recapture irreplaceable memories to celebrate in perpetuity. 

grandparent, interview, life story, memoir


We Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Interviews are the pillar of your

A Talk to Remember project. It is through this series of intimate, 1:1 conversations that we uncover and cultivate the most meaningful moments that punctuated the key chapters of your life. 

family celebration, legacy project, documentary


We Create Your

Legacy Project

Now, the magic happens. We start by meticulously assessing the elements of each interview that powerfully evoke your most meaningful life experiences. We then distill the highlights into captivating narratives for your feature films and perfectly align your core stories, memorabilia, and musical overlays.

The Arc of Your Life Story

Our projects focus on capturing the entire arc of your life story, one chapter at a time. Each interview is dedicated to a specific life milestone or theme that holds personal meaning to you. What stories are you waiting to tell? 

Flowers on Wood

Who We Serve

Individuals & Families


People who seek to preserve their own life stories and lessons and, potentially, those of their ancestors.

Memory Keepers

Individuals, often grown children, who want to capture family members' life histories in their own words and voice for themselves and future generations.

​We also offer a “Tribute” package, in which we capture favorite memories of a person unable to tell own stories, such as family members who have passed or are suffering from dementia.

Financial Advisors &
Estate Planners 

Financial and legal professionals who aspire to help